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iMprove Precision Maintenance®

iMprove Precision Maintenance® takes a look at subjects related to performing and implementing Precision Maintenance®.  In this Channel you will learn how to apply Precision Maintenance® in your plant. Learn how to properly identify and eliminate misalignment, unbalance and assembly errors. How to document and eliminate soft foot and compensate for thermal growth. Learn how to eliminate bearing and lubrication failures. Learn the fundamentals of fluid power systems and how to troubleshoot fluid power problems. Understand and troubleshoot pumps piping and pump sealing systems. Find out how to eliminate gasket failures. Learn how to build a strategy to implement and measure the sustainable results of Precision Maintenance®


iMprove Precision Maintenance Module List:

  1. PM00 Precision Maintenance® Channel Introduction

  2. PM01 Introduction to Precision Maintenance®

  3. PM02 Part 1Determining Asset Health… Simple measurements to assess machine condition

  4. PM02 Part 2 Using Strobelights

  5. PM02 Part 3 Using vibration to assess machine health

  6. PM02 Part 4 Other Measurements

  7. PM03 Part 1 Introduction to Misalignment

  8. PM03 Part 2 Types of Misalignment

  9. PM03a Soft Foot…Understanding and eliminating soft foot

  10. PM03a Part 2 Short Leg

  11. PM03a Part 3 Angle Soft Foot

  12. PM03b Tolerances…A discussion on alignment standards

  13. PM03c Alignment Preparation…Discussion on the pre-alignment checklist

  14. PM03d Thermal Growth…compensating for thermal growth

  15. PM04 Unbalance…Understanding the technician’s role in preventing unbalance

  16. PM05 assembly errors… Common assembly errors

  17. PM06 Part Bearings…Introduction to bearings, the loads they carry and common failure mechanisms

  18. PM06 Part 2 Bearings pt 2

  19. PM07a Introduction to Lubrication…Fundamentals of lubrication

  20. PM07b Applying Lubricants…The application of both lquid and solid lubricants

  21. PM07c Contamination Control…Managing lubricant contamination

  22. PM08 Part 1 Introduction to power transmission…Understanding power transmission failures

  23. PM08 part 2 Coupling Inspection

  24. PM09 Precision Implementation Strategies, Measurements and Metrics

  25. PM09a Creating a Stategy

  26. PM09b Applying the Work

  27. PM09c Measuring Results

  28. PM10 Part 1 Fluid Power Principles

  29. PM10 Part 2 Fluid Power components

  30. PM10 Part 3 Troubleshooting Fluid Power

  31. PM11 Pumps and Pumping systems

  32. PM11a Piping Systems

  33. PM11b Pump Packing

  34. PM11c Mechanical Seals

  35. PM12 Part 1 introduction to Gaskets

  36. PM12 Part 2 Gasket Installation

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