iMprove Operator Care

iMprove Operator Care in this channel you will learn the vital role operations plays in reliable manufacturing. Learn how to use a variety of inexpensive inspection tools to enhance the quality of routine machine inspections. Learn how to inspect specific machines such as motors, fans, pumps, hydraulic systems, gearboxes etc. etc. Learn how to systematically develop operator rounds that work and provide real value. Also understand how to preform simple operator based Root Cause Problem elimination.This Channel is devoted to the Role of the Operator and operations department in Reliable Manufacturing®


Operator Care Module List:


  1. PE00 Operator Care Channel Introduction

  2. PE01 part1 The Emerging Role of the operator

  3. PE01 part 2 Essential Asset Care phase 1

  4. PE01 Part 3 EAC Phases 2-4

  5. PE02 EAC Phase1... Inspection Techniques Part 1

  6. PE02 EAC Phase1... Inspection Techniques Part 2

  7. PE02 EAC Phase1... Inspection Techniques Part 3

  8. PE02 EAC Phase1... Inspection Techniques Part 4

  9. PE02 EAC Phase1... Inspection Techniques Part 5

  10. PE02a Inspecting Motors

  11. PE02b Inspecting Pumps

  12. PE02c Inspecting Fans

  13. PE02d Inspecting gearboxes

  14. PE02e Inspecting Compressors

  15. PE02f Inspecting Hydraulics

  16. PE02g Inspecting Belt drives

  17. PE03 Phase 2  Developing Rounds …Part 1 

  18. PE03 Phase 2  Developing Rounds …Part 2

  19. PE03 Phase 2  Developing Rounds …Part 3 

  20. PE04 Phase 3 Service and Adjust…Minor maintenance activities for operators

  21. PE05 Phase 4 RCPE for Operators.. Root Cause Failure Elimination

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